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step 1
Choose the size of bar that you would like and what best suits the area you would like to place it in and click add to cart.

step 2
choose the layout of the bar that you would desire and what best suits you and add that to your cart.

step 3
choose any additional items you would like and add that to your cart.  if you choose to have your bar top customized email your request to after you have added it to your cart.  (we will not violate any trademark or copyright laws)

step 4
choose a combination of either one or two colored paints or stains and add those to your cart.  if you don't see a colored paint or stain you desire please click on custom paint or custom stain and add to your cart.  once that is done please email us with what the color or stain is at

Finally you can either pay using a credit card or if you want you can finance your purchase by going to our financing page. 

Some assembly required.

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